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Star Domenica is a space gaming hub that searches, discovers and brings to the light space gaming content and creators from around the web.

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The Stars Are Within Our Reach

Lets Travel Together

We LOVE space games here at Star Domenica. We grew up with them and we have seen the far reaches of our world and beyond throughout the golden era of space sims and games.

Wing Commander, Freelancer, Descent Freespace, Elite, X-wing and many more games allowed us to dream and reach for the stars.

Although the era of great space games seemed to have passed, 2018 was the year that changed it all.

Many new titles emerged, from small indie groups and devs to large multi million studios, that sparked the new era of space sims.

Star Domenica was born in order to become the definitive hub for space gaming curated content.

Our goal is to showcase amazing content creators and their content and also to bring together all space gaming lovers under one friendly community.

This is a humble start but we have great things planned for the future so buckle up, engage your hyperspace drive and come along for the ride.

We promise it will be a unique one!

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You can send us your:

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and any other kind of content you want to have featured here at Star Domenica.

Thanks for getting in touch. Keep Creating!

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